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Same Day Printers has been providing a fast and quality business card printing service for small to large businesses all over New Zealand for over 20 years and have many satisfied customers (check some of our Testimonials here).
We are an owner-operated business, specialising in business cards, customer loyalty cards, personalised letterheads and advertising flyers.
Same Day Printers started up in the early ’90’s — since August 2015 Same Day Printers has been run by Mark Fahey, who is continuing the excellent service. Mark enjoys helping people and exceeding his customers’ expectations — he gives each and every one of his customers a personal service and will go the extra mile to give the client exactly what he or she wants, on time.

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How can we help you?
Same Day Printers aim to provide the best, most efficient service in the country.
We specialise in Business Cards, but can also help you with Business Stationery (Letterheads, Compliment Slips etc.) and Promotional Material (Rack Cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.).
If you have a print project in mind but don't know how to go about it, please feel free to contact us (email, phone or drop in) and we'll work with you to find a solution to your needs.

Ordering Online — How Does it Work?
In 4 simple steps you can have your order sent out to you in as little as one day.
1. Submit your order online (no credit card required at this stage).
2. Review and approve the proof and details of your order by email.
3. Pay for your cards using instructions we emailed you with the proof.
4. We will produce your order and courier or post it out to you.
When you submit your order online, you have the opportunity to upload a PDF file you have created. Before you do, please make sure your file meets our specifications.
Before you start your artwork, you can download templates for Freehand, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. Instructions on how to create a PDF are included.

Why do you need business cards?
Nearly every day a client tells us their customers ask them for a business card. They tell us they look professional when they can present a card. Scribbling a name and phone number on a piece of paper is definately NOT professional!
Maybe you think “People will only throw them away”. Some people will. Some people won’t. Some will pass them on to friends / family. And some will actually order from you.
So the real question you need to ask yourself is: “How many jobs do I need to do to get my investment back? — and how am I going to get those jobs?” We can answer the second part of this question: “By handing out business cards to prospective customers”. Make sure to always carry your business cards with you — you never know who you’ll meet and if you happen to talk about work with an interested person, make sure you give them a card so they will remember you when they are ready to order.

It’s Rocket Science!
Business cards are like rocket fuel: when the rocket blasts off, it generates a lot of energy and smoke, but hardly moves. Eventually though it builds up momentum and the rocket is on its way to the moon.
It’s the same with business cards: at first you’ll be handing out many cards to build momentum for your business. To keep momentum going, keep handing out cards and soon you’ll be over the moon.

Free Design
Rather than using a pre-designed template, when you order your business cards from us, we will custom design your business card to your requirements, to reflect your company. And we do this FREE OF CHARGE!
Of course you can supply us your own design — please check our file specifications first.
The main objective of a business card is to convey all important information about you and your company to your prospecticve customer, as well as help establish your branding. This means your logo and business name should be the main focus. Your name (or your staff member’s name) should be prominent too, along with your phone number.

Our Guarantee:
We do our utmost to get your cards just right — just perfect. If on the rare occasion we do make a mistake, we will re-print your cards for you AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Recycled Paper
We all need to look after our environment. We can offer printing on recycled paper for those who insist on it. However, recycled paper is not the only option for a clear conscience. It depends on your defenition of “Recycled Paper”. The following link points to an article that seems to define “recycled” as paper that has been put into the household recycling bin and sent back to the paper mill: How Well Do You Know Recycled Paper ( — Just like anything else, the recycled paper you buy may not always be what it seems.
However, the paper mill itself will have paper waste that they will re-use. This has been happening since well before the consumer started demanding recycled paper. Then there is the paper that has been printed but never made it to the consumer — e.g. the paper that we use here at Same Day Printers (and just about every printer in the country!). Our scraps go into the recycling bin too (large printers have their own recovery system and containers). Or the magazines that never got sold.
Paper recycling involves de-inking, re-bleaching and generally making it ready for re-use. These extra processes make recycled paper more expensive.
Recycled paper rarely consists of more than 30% recycled paper.
If you find these facts disappointing, or worry about the world’s forests, do not despair. As mentioned above, there are other ways of looking after our planet. The world has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This organisation not only looks after the forests, but also the indigenous people who live (and often work) in those forests, as well as the paper industry. The FSC Principles and Criteria describe how the forests have to be managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. They include managerial aspects as well as environmental and social requirements. In fact, FSC rules are the strictest and FSC’s social and environmental requirements the highest.”
It is becoming very hard for paper mills to sell paper from a forest that has not been certified by the FSC.
The following is taken from the FSC website:
Here is a summary of some of the points the FSC Principles and Criteria require. Many of the points listed below will appear almost basic — but in many places even these basic requirements are not fulfilled. This is where FSC can have the biggest positive impact.
  • Prohibit conversion of forests or any other natural habitat
  • Respect of international workers rights
  • Respect of Human Rights with particular attention to indigenous peoples
  • Prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals
  • No corruption — follow all applicable laws
  • Identification and appropriate management of areas that need special protection (e.g. cultural or sacred sites, habitat of endangered animals or plants)

For a New Zealand perspective, check out the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development or go straight to the comprehensive Paper Buying Guide there (Download the 620KB PDF file).

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