Why do you need business cards?

Nearly every day a client tells us their customers ask them for a business card. They tell us they look professional when they can present a card. Scribbling a name and phone number on a piece of paper is definately NOT professional!
Maybe you think "People will only throw them away". Some people will. Some people won't. Some will pass them on to friends / family. And some will actually order from you.
So the real question you need to ask yourself is: "How many jobs do I need to do to get my investment back? - and how am I going to get those jobs?" We can answer the second part of this question: "By handing out business cards to prospective customers". Make sure to always carry your business cards with you - you never know who you'll meet and if you happen to talk about work with an interested person, make sure you give them a card so they will remember you when they are ready to order.

It's Rocket Science!

Business cards are like rocket fuel: when the rocket blasts off, it generates a lot of energy and smoke, but hardly moves. Eventually though it builds up momentum and the rocket is on its way to the moon.
It's the same with business cards: at first you'll be handing out many cards to build momentum for your business. To keep momentum going, keep handing out cards and soon you'll be over the moon.

Free Design

Rather than using a pre-designed template, when you order your business cards from us, we will custom design your business card to your requirements, to reflect your company. And we do this FREE OF CHARGE!
Of course you can supply us your own design - please check our specifications here.
The main objective of a business card is to convey all important information about you and your company to your prospecticve customer, as well as help establish your branding. This means your logo and business name should be the main focus. Your name (or your staff member's name) should be prominent too, along with your phone number.

Free Courier anywhere in New Zealand

When you order your business cards online, we will courier the cards out to you wherever you are in New Zealand, FREE OF CHARGE!

Our Guarantee:

We do our utmost to get your cards just right - just perfect. If on the rare occasion we do make a mistake, we will re-print your cards for you AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

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